SGM Jacob Benjamin (Ben) Carroll (Ret) – 25 Jul 1921 – 13 Feb 1995

1946 - 0001 - Benjamin Jacob Carroll     1952 0115 - Ben Carroll - 0001     1968 - 0002 - Benjamin Jacob Carroll     1973 - 0001 - !SG Ben Caroll

Ben Carroll was born 25 Jul 1921 in Henderson, Illinois

He became a private pilot in Oct 1940 and was active with Civil Air Patrol until 1942 when he enlisted in the Army Air Corps on 23rd Jul 1942.  While on active duty he trained as an Airplane Electric Mechanic Repairman and also worked as a flight engineer until being discharged on 24 Jan 1946. 

 After serving in the Army Air Corps he became a licensed A&E Mechanic in Jan 1947 and licensed A&E Ground Instructor in March 1947 and worked for Phillips Flying Service in St Matthews from May 1947 thru Dec 1947.  From Phillips Flying Service he went to Orangeburg Air Service in Orangeburg, S. C.

 From 10 Sep 1947 until 9 Sep 1962 he was an Aviation Maintenance Supervisor for the Aviation Section of Hq Co, 51st Inf Div

 In the meantime he married Caroline Elizabeth Keller on 10 Dec 1948. Ben and Caroline  had four children, 2 boys and 2 girls, all living in South Carolina.

In Apr 1970 he was awarded the Army’s Master Crewmember Badge.

Mr. Carroll retired from civil service 25 Jul 1981 with 37 years of Federal Service.