2nd Bde, 30th Infantry Division, HHC, Aviation Section

30th Inf Div SSI

     1968 – Composition of the 30th Infantry Division changed in 1968 with 2nd Brigade, 30th Infantry Division (Mechanized) becoming the South Carolina brigade of the division on 1 Jan 1968. Along with this reorganization came a slight growth in the state’s overall aviation program with HHC, 2nd Brigade receiving OH-13 and OH-23 helicopters (two of each) assigned to the aviation section.  CPT Charlie Smoak was the Aviation Section Leader and SSG Jerry Neese was the Section NCO.  A pilot and crewchief were assigned to each aircraft. 

     1969 – HHC, 2nd Brigade, 30th Infantry Division, Aviation Section went to Camp Oliver located on the north side of Ft. Stewart, Georgia for Annual Training with subsequent Annual Training thru 1971 was also conducted at Camp Oliver.  GP Medium Tents erected on cement slabs housed the troops.  They took along OH-13, OH-23, and U6-A aircraft for training.  The pilots attending this AT were John Werts, Frank S. Potts, Robert V. Smith, and a pilot from Florida. 

     1972 AT was conducted at Wright Army Airfield on Ft. Stewart, Ga.

     1972 – The OH-13 and OH-23 aircraft were replaced by OH-58A aircraft.

     1974 0104 – The 30th Infantry Division was deactivated, and 2nd Brigade, 30th Infantry Division, became the 218th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) (Separate) in Newberry, South Carolina.