75 Years of SCARNG Aviation

Due to no response since 2 Sep 2021, this page is being removed.

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Save the date: 2 Sep 2022

Wow, are you as surprised as I am that the South Carolina Army National Guard Aviation Program turned 74 years old on 2 Sep 2021?  It has caught me off guard and completely by surprise.  Actually, the entire South Carolina National Guard was reconstituted in September in 1947.  While the US Air Force split off from the Army Air Corp becoming a new branch in the military, our aviation program was kicked off at the same time.

If you or anybody you know are remotely interested in attending a 75-year anniversary reunion gathering of some sort, please let me know your interest and provide contact information.  If something seems feasible, I’ll continue my venue inquiries and hopefully we can form a committee to put together an event.

So far, I haven’t received any feedback at all.

This might be a project for the SC Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. (See their Facebook page.)