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     South Carolina National Guard Army Aviation Pictorial History

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        “This Site Is A Pictorial History Project Intended To Be Enjoyed By Past, Present, and Future Members Of The South Carolina Army National Guard Aviation Community.”  The site is a living history being compiled by Carlyle Wood. 

   As we all get older and retire, our interest in SCARNG Aviation doesn’t just fall off the face of the earth and the older we get the better we were. (S.O.S. – Slower Only Smarter)  We can’t change what was so we must merely enjoy what is.  You are invited to visit the website often and asked to encourage others to do the same.

  Although the pictures used in this project are being shared for the purpose of compiling an aviation history, they are still the property of those willing to share. For permission to download, copy, or any other form of duplicating the pictures please contact me.  Some pictures are extracts from other media.  Any additional photos or timeline information you would like to share is appreciated.  Anyone having problems with anything displayed please contact me, ( carlylewood@scarngavpicthistory.com ) for potential removal.  

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