Army Advisors

ARMY Advisers

 1947 – CPT William Hale was the first Army Advisor to report for duty during the winter of ‘47-‘48. When he arrived he was rated and current to flew the L-16’s.

– Bob Lee

1961-1963 – MAJ Claude H. Murphy     –    After two years as the advisor to the aviation program in South Carolina, he was assigned to duty at Ft Benning, Ga. to participate in the development of the air assault concept.  At the completion of the air assault being developed, Maj. Murphy went on to RVN to implement and further evaluate the concept.  He returned to South Carolina in 1966 to again become the aviation adviser for South Carolina.  He worked for Gen. Pinckney and became a good friend with Boots Oliver.

– MAJ Subota –  Ft McClellan

1966-1968  – MAJ Claude H. Murphy returned from duty at Ft. Benning and RVN to again serve as the Army Adviser to the South Carolina Army Aviation Program.  He retired from the Army and continued working for the Guard until he completely retired.  Since retirement he has worked many hours and days assisting people with health issues through Hospice.

1970 0601 – 1976 – LTC Dave Starkey –

1976 – 1979  – LTC Wesley B. Avery      –       LTC Avery was drafted in 1958.  He began his career  as a  2LT Infantry Officer in 1960 but quickly switched over from infantry to aviation.  On his first of two RVN tours he  served with the 1st Cav in1968 and served with the 1st Aviation Brigade on his second tour 1970 where he commanded the 117th Assault Helicopter Company.  After his three year assignment as the Army Advisor his next duty assignment took him to Ft. Jackson where after 29 years of service, LTC Avery retired in the Columbia area.  Now as the different hunting seasons open and close he can be found in the woods around the community of Longtown or eating breakfast or lunch at the local restaurant.


– MAJ Steve Overcash

– CPT Lester D. Eisner   –   Nov 1982 – Sep 1985


– CPT Brooks

– CPT Daniel C.  Williams