Since 9/11/2001, deployments for our aviation units have become frequent events.  This page leads you towards when and where.  Needless to say with digital cameras and such there are many, many more photos available.  There are also some digital videos.

1999 – 2000 Kuwait TF 151 

Train up Ft Stewart, Ga.   Click Here

Operation Southern Watch   Click Here 

Individual Photos   Click Here

2003 – 2004     –    KOFR5A KOSOVA   Click Here

2004 – 2005    –     Operation Iraqi Freedom  

C Co. 126th Avn Pre-deployment Training   Click Here  

Larry Wessinger’s Voyage to Kuwait Port   Click Here 

C Co Iraqi Freedom Deployment   Click Here

1-151 Operation Iraqi Freedom Pre-deployment Training   Click Here  

1-151 AHB – Deployment   Click Here

2008 – A Co, 2-149th Deployment   Click Here

2009 1023 – 2-151 Avn Bn – Kosovo   Click Here